COVID-19 Update


Hello all,

Following guidance issued by the government today surrounding the ongoing Coronavirus issues, we have taken the decision to suspend all planned meets and events.

We have made the decision with the best intention and for the most important reason, the health of our members.

Once more clarity is gained on the situation we will review and communicate when things get back to normal.

Thank you for your understanding.

Club Alfa UK

2 thoughts on “COVID-19 Update”

  1. Well this last blog entry is coming up to its quarter year anniversary (in 3 days time!). It’s true of course that we won’t be getting back to the pre-Covid normal any time soon, but a new normal of sorts beckons and car events that might otherwise have been cancelled are still on the calendar, such as Auto Italia at Raby and Stanford in July and September respectively. I can’t be the only Club Alfa member who is more inclined to be glass half full rather than half empty mindset and would like to know that even if we can’t yet meet up in the usual way, behind the scenes there is activity, ideas, engagement of the wider membership, preferably featuring on the club’s very own media platform like here and not simply through those of third party behemoths.

    1. Hello Hugh,

      Firstly, apologies for the delay in replying to your comment. We recognise that unfortunately we haven’t provided any new updates in a while, there are many reasons behind this but we respect that our members would like some form of update.

      We do aim to release some more details of plans going forward in the next few weeks as lockdown restrictions are being lifted, which will allow more activities to happen.

      Best regards,

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