The Team

Find out more about the team behind Club Alfa UK and what we are about.

Meet the Team

All of our team members are volunteers and receive no payment from Club Alfa UK. Any monies received from paying members goes directly back into the club, to provide member benefits.

The Directors

James Gibson

Technical Director
James Gibson

I am a car nut at heart. I haven’t been around Alfa Romeo as long as a lot of our members, but it didn’t take me long to fall in love with the brand. My first Alfa Romeo was a GT, since that I have only owned 2 others, one a GTV and the other the replacement GT for my previous one.

I wanted to help in setting up this amazing group as I feel that there is so much we can offer members, and the people who are involved only want the same.

Nathan Anyan

Nathan Anyan

My interest stemmed from my very active childhood, we were surrounded with vehicles of all shapes and sizes. As soon as I was able to, I got my hands on my first Alfa Romeo 145QV. The many Alfa’s we had in the family at this time all needed maintaining as we travelled the country in our daily lives. Constantly requiring backup Alfa’s became a necessity and we quickly built up a reliable supply chain for ourselves, which ended up helping other members of the community inadvertently. This sparked the beginning of Clover Breakers as we know it today. Growing steadily we decided to trade on EBay to fill a gap in the market while developing our customer base around the world, due to increasing customer needs we now post to over 70 countries. I did manage to turn a hobby into a full time job supporting and maintaining many Alfas. Hopefully I can support Club Alfa UK in becoming a successful society long into the future, a great new addition to the Alfa Romeo world.

Colin Metcalfe

Club Chairman
Colin Metcalfe

I am a serial Alfa Romeo owner and enthusiast having owned over forty of Italy’s finest in my motoring career. My first love was – and is – the Alfasud, an obsession that has consistently stayed with me over the years. While I have subsequently owned and relished at least one or more of the marque’s many later models, I still possess a Sprint which, like every other Alfa Romeo I’ve ever had the pleasure to own, always puts a beaming smile on my face every time I drive it!

In addition to my cherished Sprint, my current daily driver is a much-cossetted 146 Junior!

I wanted to aid the establishment and help cultivate our fledgling Club, which has been formed by – and for – some amazing Alfa Romeo Petrol (and Derv) Heads. We hope that you’ll join us on our journey!

The Management Committee

Racheal Whitehead

Management Elect

Chris Cousins

Management Elect

Advertisement for positions will be made before the next AGM.

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