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About Club Alfa UK

Do you want to find out more about Club Alfa UK? Well you have come to the right place. First and foremost, we are a group of friends.

We set out to create a welcoming and friendly group for all Alfa Romeo owners and enthusiasts. The idea was originally conceived during one of our regular meetings in November 2019 and the outcome is what you see here!

We want to provide our members with an unbeatable level of satisfaction. As part of that we want to be completely transparent on our funding and where member contributions are being used.

Using our extensive experience we want to organise fantastic events and meets throughout the UK, inclusive of all countries! Our events will be family-friendly and fun for everyone who attends, regardless of age. You can see details of our events here.

The team

Who are we working with?

We are relying on our experienced members to help with our aim to deliver the service levels we are striving for.


Racheal Whitehead has a vast amount of experiencing delivering a part service for another Club. When we heard that she was available we couldn’t wait to get her on board!

Visit her website here: Italiparts.com

Speed of Sight

We are proud to be supporting Speed Of Sight as our clubs chosen charity. They work hard to ensure that people who would not normally be able to drive are able to experience track driving.

“Speed Of Sight is an organisation committed to the promotion of opportunity for all. We like to focus on what people CAN do, rather than what they CANNOT.”

Speed of sight
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